Jonas Brothers - Mandy (Aj)

27. března 2009 v 14:32 | Kristýna |  Texty - aj
[Verse 1]
Mandy used to be that girl
The one that never said a word
But she only sang
S Club 7 and all those boy bands
Now it´s been a few years
It looks like things have changed
Now she´s mine and I want to say

Mandy always laughs when I act stupid
I am unaware that I´m a nuisance
With her it´s never wasted time whoa
Mandy always knows exactly what I´m
Thinking and she´s always on my mind
And now, I´m never gonna let her go
Cause Mandy always knows

[Verse 2]
Mandy always tells the truth
Even when it´s hard to do
And she always understands
Even when it don´t make sense
Even though she is a blonde
I´m the one that feels so dumb

[Repeat Chorus]

When I have a problem
I´m sure that Mandy knows
When I´m feeling lonely
I´m sure that Mandy knows
When everything´s crazy
She´s always there for me
And I´m sure that she knows
I´m never ever gonna let her go

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